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ESSENCE THAI SPA offers a wide range of healthy and therapeutic Thai massage service in San Diego. We provide a variety of therapeutic massages. From body scrubs, infrared & hot stone sauna to Thai and Swedish massages.

Our aim is to provide a premium massage service.

Which will bring body healing and well being of body & soul We have friendly and highly experienced staff. They are committed to providing our customers with custom therapeutic treatments for your individual needs. Our dedicated practitioners use healing therapies and traditional Thai style techniques that soothe away the stress. We specialize in Thai massage, Holistic body massage, Foot Reflexology, Deep tissue therapeutic massage, Swedish massage, and Body Scrubs. With significant experience of more than two decades working in Thailand and the Middle East, ESSENCE THAI SPA is now offering healthy and healing Thai spa in San Francisco & San Diego.

Our team recommends best massage and treatment as per your body needs By combining Thai talent and Swedish softness techniques, we are committed to providing you the best treatment that will surely bring balance and well being back into your life. We understand that every client is unique, that’s why we are committed to providing you with highly personalized and customized treatments in a professional and comfortable environment. Our treatments will help you to improve your blood circulation, release muscular tension, increase mobility, stress relief and much more to provide an unforgettable experience.

Here at ESSENCE THAI SPA, we have diverse knowledge in the Thai Bodywork field. So, we can assure you that our practitioners provide you with incredible treatments to meet your exact needs. We offer you a unique experience, where people come again and again for harmony, purification of body, mind, and spirit. Moreover, for your convenience, ESSENCE THAI SPA offers attractive packages of massage spa in San Diego.

Customer’s satisfaction is our highest priority. So, we are committed to providing you healthy and relaxing treatments in a timely and cost-effective manner.

For the complete revival of your body, mind, and spirit, book an appointment now!
If you have any question, feel free to call us! San Diego (619) 564-5544

We specialize in:

  • Thai massage
  • Holistic body massage
  • Foot reflexology
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Body scrubs

Massage Benefits:

Massage therapies have been used from centuries to treat illnesses and other health problems. Studies have proven that massage therapies are an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension for people of different age groups. There are several other benefits of having massage therapies like:

  • Anxiety
  • Digestive disorders
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Relief from headaches
  • Insomnia related to stress
  • Myofascial pain syndrome
  • Soft tissue strains or injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Temporomandibular joint pain
  • Muscular pains and others

We take precautions

Before our masseuse or masseur starts a massage therapy he or she will make sure that our client:

  • Might be having any symptoms or medical history and what you’re hoping to get out of the massage.
  • Our massage therapist at our Thai massage spa in San Diego should explain the kind of massage and techniques he or she will use.
  • Our masseuse or masseur will make sure to ask the client for the type of pressure the client might be expecting in the massage therapy; before they start the massage session.

Whether you have a specific health condition or are just looking for another stress reliever, book your massage session today with us at our traditional Thai massage San San Diego spa.

Regain the ultimate balance and relaxation with our massage services. With our massage services not only you will feel relaxed but your tension and pressure will also lift away. Our Thai massage spa in San Diego has been providing its services to clients in San Francisco having vast experience of more than two decades. Our Traditional Thai massage San Diego is so powerful that it will help you take charge of your health and well-being. Massage services are not only available in spa’s only but due to its health benefits and high demand massage therapies are offered in businesses, clinics, hospitals, and even airports. Our Thai massage spa in San Diego has been serving clients from different walks of life more than two decades now. The dedicated practitioners of our Traditional Thai massage San Diego use healing therapies and traditional Thai style techniques that soothe away the stress.

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Our Services

Traditional Thai Massage
Thai Herbal Massage
Thai Therapeutic Massage
Thai Aroma Massage
Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Pregnancy Massage
Foot Reflexology Massage

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