Essence Thai Spa San Diego

We offer a huge variety of healthy and healing massages and therapeutic treatments from Thai aroma massage San Diego to body holistic massage, body scrubs & combo massages. Our team is comprised of trained practitioners & therapists who have diverse knowledge and experience in Thai bodywork field. They use a combination of modalities for your specific needs.

Having significant and vast experience, dedicated team and a wide range of healing treatments, ESSENCE THAI SPA is the one of the best spa offering massage treatments from Thai aroma massage San Diego. Our dedicated experts specialize in classic Thai massage, herbal Thai massage, and foot reflexology. We use ancient healing techniques and treatments which increase the well-being by stretching the entire body during our massage sessions and treatments.


Essence Thai Spa 855 West G. Street, San Diego, CA 92101
619-546-5544 / 619-771-9993